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Who we are?

Vallency Real Estate Agency is a team of young and enthusiastic people, ready to satisfy your wishes and offer you exactly what you are looking for. Allow us to prove our hight professionalism and good attitude, which are inseparatable part of each one of us. What we expect from you us just to make one step for your own good and trust us. Vallency Real Estate Agency welcomes you on its site for real estate in Bulgaria!

What we offer?

We offer you actual and most detailed information about renting and sales of the properties from the catalogue of Vallency Real Estate Agency. – apartments, offices, houses, holiday homes, lots, shops, as well as all the applications for buying and renting of the potential buyers and tenants of your property.

Intermediation in real estate proprerty sale deal

In a real estate sale deal, Vallency Real Estate Agency provides the following service package to its clients:

The agency consults the seller in order to define the real market value of the property according to the current moment and also update it in accordance with the market environment.

The agency implements the marketing and advertising strategy of offering the property with a view to the fast finding of clients and, subsequently, for its most profitable realization.

Vallency Real Estate Agency requires full set of documents of the seller needed for the notary transfer of ownership of the property.

Vallency Real Estate Agency protects the clients` interests, ensuring the needed legal and consulting assistance till the day of the notary transfer of title and obtaining the full cost of the sold property.

We advertise the property you sell by publishing in leading real estate printed and internet media. Our agents arrange viewing of your property by the potential buyers, who have been informed in advance of all its qualities.

We give you the full information about the present condition of the real estate market so that you can correct your offer in order to make it more competitive.

Intermediation in a real estate property purchase deal

When you purchase a real estate property, Vallency Real Estate Agency provides the followinh services:

Surveys the real estate market to the current moment and according to the clients’ requirements so that they can be fully satisfied;

Counsels and assists the client in choosing the right property;

Prepares the full set of ownership documentation for the property and examines for any possible burdens (mortgages, injunctions, etc.);

The agency renders legal and consulting assistance until the day of the notarial transfer of ownership and the issue of the notarial deed for the newly purchased property;

We advertise your application for a real estate  purchase by publishing in leading real estate printed and internet media. Our agents show you properties, which  correspond to your search and which you have approved of in advance.

We give you full information about the current real estate market so you can update and correct your search, in order to get the best offers.

In intermediation in a real estate property renting deal

In intermediation in a real estate property renting deal Vallency Real Estate Agency ensures:

Survey of similar currently offered properties on the real estate rental market.

Assists in making an economically grounded valuation of the property according to the market frame.

At the offering stage, the agency’s team prepares an individual advertising strategy, aimed at the good presentation of the property on the real estate informational market and finding the most appropriate lessee.

The lessor is requested to present a deed of ownership and other concomitant documents needed for the lease agreement to be signed.

Preparation of a lease agreement in accordance with the Law on Obligations and Agreements.

The agency protects the lessor’s interests and ensures support during the lease period.

We advertise the property you let by publishing in leading real estate printed and internet media. Our agents show your property to the potential tenants and inform them in advance of all the qualities of the property.

We give you full information about the present condition on the real estate market so you can correct your offer in order to make it more competitive

Intermediation in real estate property lease deal

In a real estate property lease deal Vallency Real Estate Agency provides the following services:

The agency carries out the survey of the properties offered on the real estate rental market with similar characteristics, required by the client at the current  moment.

Formulates the technical and economic characteristic of the demanded property in accordance with the clients’ requirements.

Offers professional advice in the choice of suitable property according to the ratio quality/price.

Requires deed of ownership of the lesser and all other concomitant documents, needed for the lease transaction to be signed.

Prepares the lease agreement in accordance with the Law on Obligations and Agreements.

Protects the lessee’s interests and ensures support during the lease period.

We promote your search by advertising and publishing in leading real estate issues and internet medias. Our agents show you properties corresponding to your search and approved by you in advance.

We give you full information about the current real estate market so you can comprise and correct your search, in to order to get the best offers.

Help and consultations on real estate loans

Competent advice on Bulgarian mortages and housing loans.

You will receive competent advice and professional consultation about the way you can get a housing loan at our offices;

We will direct you to the proper credit institution, which will offer you the best terms.

Law consultations on property possesion

Vallency Real Estate Agency ensures juristic coverage of the actuated transactions.

In service of our clients the agency offers and ensures:

Professional juristic consultations;

Preparation of market appraisals of properties and commercial sites;

Marketing consultations in connection with investment projects;

Preparation of market analyses.

Legalizing commercial sites.

Real estate property management

On concluding a real estate managment contract, Vallency Real Estate Agency provides the following service:

Rents out the property, providing legal guarantee of the transaction;

Looks for and finds the most appropriate tenants;

Ensures full- time occupation of the rented property;

Preserves the deposit according to the rental contract; 

Supervises the exact accomplishment of all the contractual clauses, including payment by fixed dates;

Monitors the condition of the property; 

Performs basic repairs on the property- a duty, normally carried out by the landlord;

Coordinatse activities such as projects for interior reconstruction, design and furnishing ;

Insures the property, if desired by any of the parties;

Represents the landlord before all organizations and institutions;

Represents the landlord at general meetings of the landlords in the building;

Presents a monthly report for the agency`s work related with the property, in case the owner would like to have one.


Sapareva banya

Sapareva banya

The Municipality of Sapareva banya is situated on the Northern slope of Rila Mountain in Southwestern Bulgaria, just a two hours drive from the Capital of Sofia. The municipality contains the popular tourist destinations of the Seven Rila Lakes and the Skakavitza Reserve and Waterfall. As well as the administrative center of Sapareva Banya, 15 kilometers East of Doupnitza, the municipality includes the villages of Saparevo, Resilovo, Ovchartzi and the mountain resort of Panichishte. The municipality proudly shares one third of its territory with Rila National Park, which was established in 1992.

While Sapareva Banya is known for its cool, clean mountain water, it is famous for its unique geothermal mineral water. Here one finds the hottest mineral water in all of Europe (103degrees C) and the only active Geyser in the Balkans.

To reach Sapareva Banya and the Panichishte Resort, travel south from Sofia on the International Highway E – 79 for 45 minutes. Take the Doupnitza exit and follow the signs to Sapareva Banya (15 minutes). For public transportation services to Sapareva Banya there is one direct bus dailyat 2:00p.m. from the “Ovcha Kypel” bus station. Buses run hourly from the same station to Doupnitza where you can catch any of the “Saparevo” buses that run every half hour. All buses will drop you off in front of the Tourist Information Center in Sapreva Banya.


The history of Sapareva Banya has always been linked to the mineral water resources on which it was founded. A civilization known as the “Kremenik” thrived here in Neolithic times (5,500 B.C.). Tools, a grain mill and household items were found during archeological digs carried out in the late 1970′s. Later excavations conducted in the 1980′s centered round the Roman ruins, which can still be seen near the Sanitorium and in the park garden of the church of St. Nikola in the center of town. The town was an important stop along the Roman road connecting Rome, Greece and the Black Sea. This painting by local painter and historian Vassil Koritarov depicts Sapareva Banya in Roman times when it was known as “Germanea”.

Panichishte Resort

Panichishte resort is 1,350 meters above the sea level and lies right on the border of Rila National Park. The natural beauty of the North-western part of Rila is breathtaking. It is located in Rila mountain, near the town of Separeva Banya (also a spa resort), and not very far from the town of Dupnitsa. This is not only a ski resort, but also a sports and recreation centre for various sports. Some of the most varied ski facilities can be found here! It is also one of the most inexpensive ski resorts in Bulgaria.

The resort offers the following pistes: 
Bekyara: length of 470 m, equipped with a tow rope with a capacity of 280 people per hour. Base located directly across from Restaurant Elenite.
Ajdera: ski slope of 400 m and tow rope with a capacity of 250 people per hour. It also includes the children’s “Baby Ski Run”.
Cross-Country track: located just below the Dry Lake training area. This run will soon be equipped with shooting platforms for biathlon training. 
Near Pionerska Hut: 400 m. ski run with tow rope with capacity of 350 people hour capacity. Also includes a sledding run of 1130 m. 
Near 7 Lakes Hut: 300 meter ski run with a tow-bar drag with capacity of 250 people per hour capacity.
Near Rila Lakes Hut: 950 meter ski run with a tow-bar drag with 700 people/hour capacity. 
Ski equipment rentals as well as tuition by qualified ski instructors are available at the resort.
In the near future a 2-chair lift will start operating from Pionerska chalet to Rila lakes hut, with total length of 2200 m and capacity of 960 persons per hour.
The Panichishte Resort offers optimal conditions for physical training in all varieties of sport (1300m. – 1600m. Altitude above the sea level) 
There are Alpine ski-tracks for sleigh contests.
Football, volley ball, basketball and other teams, can take advantage of the beautiful terrain of the “Dry lake” training area. Competitors in swimming and tennis can use the swimming pools and tennis courts of the local hotels.

The Rila National Park Visitor’s Centre in the Panichishte Resort was created with funding from the PHARE Program of the European Union under the direction of the Ministry of Environment and Water. It is patterned after some of the most famous centres found in reserves and national parks around the world. It is the first such park centre created in Bulgaria.
As Panichishte is the largest natural gate to the heart of Rila Mountain there is no doubt that, here the visitors’ centre is on the right spot. Many of the most popular hiking trails on Rila start or pass through Panichishte. Trails to the Seven Lakes, Skakavica Reserve and Waterfall, Malyovitsa, Borovets and the most spiritual and cultural monument in Bulgaria- the Rila Monastery.

The focus of the visitor’s centre is to offer visitors all the information they may require concerning National Park Rila. It also serves to acquaint visitors with the rich variety of plant and animal species that live on the mountain through educational materials, programs and events connected to the natural environment. The centre also helps to promote ecologically sensitive tourism and awareness of activities within the park boundaries.
The centre was designed to attractively fit its location and blend with the natural silhouette of the mountain. 
At the Rila National Park Visitor’s Centre you can arrange discussions concerning the local flora and fauna, watch films, find necessary information regarding tourism trails on Rila, organize mountain guides, make reservations or simply have a coffee or tea on the terrace cafe. Maps, postcards, souvenirs, film and toiletries can be purchased in the small store on the first floor. Newspapers and magazines are also available here. The visitor’s centre is simply the heart of Panichishte and should not be missed!

Seven Rila Lakes

The cirque of the Seven Rila Lakes is the largest in all of Rila Mountain. It is centered East of Haidyta Peak (also known as Hermit Peak) and South of the steap rock slopes of Razdela Ridge and Otovishka Peak, found to the West of the peak directly above Kidney lake.

The cirque opens to the North and feeds the German River, which is a main source of the Stryma River. The lakes of the cirque are found at differing altitudes and appear like large footprints or steps leading up the mountain. They are the most picturesque and visited group of lakes in Rila Mountain. They are all named according to their shapes and officially numbered from the top to the bottom. The entire area is maintained within the boundaries of Rila National Park.

The first lake – “The Tear ” is the highest of the Rila Lakes. It is found at 2535 meters above sea level and has an area of .7 hectares. It is 4.5 meters at its deepest.

The 2nd – “The Eye” is found at 2440 meters above sea level and has an area of 6.8 hectares. It is the deepest of thelakes with a depth of 37.5 meters.

The 3rd – “The Kidney” is at an altitude of 2282 meters above sea level and has an area of 8.5 hectares. It is 28 meters at its deepest.

The 4th – “The Twins” are actually one lake nearly split into two. They are at 2243 meters above sea level and is the largest and longest of the lakes. It has an area of 9.1 hectares and a depth of 27.5 meters.

The 5th – “Three-Lobed Lake” has an irregular shape and steep banks and is found at 2216 meters above sea level. It is 6.5 meters deep and has a total area of 2.6 hectares.

The 6th – “The Fish Lake” is found at 2184 meters above seal level and has an area of 3.5 hectares. It is the shallowest of the lakes at 2.5 meters. The 7 Lakes Lodge is found at its most Northern bank.

The 7th – “The Low Lake” is at 2095 meteres above sea level, has an area of 5.9 hectares and is 11 meters deep.

The Seven Rila Lakes is an extremely sensitive and wonderous spot on Rila Mountain. Many of its species are endemic and listed in the Red Data Book of Flora and Fauna, which denotes them as endangered or rare. We ask all visitors to the area to be sensitive to the unique opportunity they have to walk upon such sacred ground. In respect to this opportunity, we ask that you make it your goal to leave no mark, stay to the trails and ask the same of others. Please bring into the park only that which you can bring out. Your participation in protecting this area is greatly appreciated!

An interesting annual event that occurs within the area of The Seven Lakes is the celebration of the followers of the Bulgarian Christian Spiritualist, Peter Dunov. “The Dunovites”gather each year on the 19th of August to celebrate the teachings of Mr. Dunov by dressing in white and dancing and singing in large concentric circles under the peaks of Rila. This event is held in cooperation with Rila National Park and the Sapareva Banya Municipal Administration. The Dunovites are an inspiration to all lovers of the environment in that the leave no mark upon the lakes and carry out all that they have brought. Respectful spectators are welcomed.